How many of you have tried to use a Ring Pop to propose to your partner? HAHAHA did it work? Maybe it works better if you let your furkid wear this Ring Pop Bandana! Match with your furkid with the Ring Pop Pocket Tshirt as well!



- Reversible 

- Check under Bandana - Add on for customisation of plain side
- Option of slip on and tie on
- 100% cotton
- Customisable name is available


Size Guide

Pawdel Coby's neck measurement is 30cm. He is wearing size S for slip on and M for tie on.


Slip on Option
Small: 7" length, 4" height (suitable for neck size 18cm to 25cm)

Medium: 8" length, 5" height (suitable for neck 25cm to 35cm)

Large: 9" length, 6.5" height (suitable for neck 33cm to 46cm)


Tie on option 

Small: 40cm length, 20cm height (suitable for neck size up to 25cm)

Medium: 50cm length, 23.5cm height (suitable for neck up to 35cm)

Large: 60 length, 30cm height (suitable for neck up to 45cm)

Ring Pop Bandana