Be surprised by us!


Mystery bag contains either of the following items:

- Bandanas

- Face masks

- Bow clips

- Squeaky toys 


2 options

- Small $18 (Contains 2-4 items)

- Big $36 (Contains 5-7 items)


Slip on Option
Small: 7" length, 4" height (suitable for neck size 18cm to 25cm)

Medium: 8" length, 5" height (suitable for neck 25cm to 35cm)

Large: 9" length, 6.5" height (suitable for neck 33cm to 46cm)


Tie on option 

Small: 40cm length, 20cm height (suitable for neck size up to 25cm)

Medium: 50cm length, 23.5cm height (suitable for neck up to 35cm)

Large: 60 length, 30cm height (suitable for neck up to 45cm)

Mystery Bag