We are the Mammy to our furkids as well, so we have a good reason to buy a gift for ourselves! Whats better than being able to twin with your pets!


Scrunchies wrap approximately 2x around hair.

All bandanas are tie on bandanas.


Bandana Size Guide

Small: 40cm length, 20cm height (suitable for neck size up to 25cm)

Medium: 50cm length, 23.5cm height (suitable for neck up to 35cm)

Large: 60 length, 30cm height (suitable for neck up to 45cm)

Matching Scrunchies

  • We have very limited sizes for each design, therefore please indicate your top 3 design choices in order of priority and we will pack them according to availability. E.g. if you choose Design 1,2,3 in small size, if  Design 1 in small size is out of stock, we will pack Design 2 for you; if Design 1&2 are not available, we will pack Design 3 for you.

    If all 3 designs you chose are out of stock, we will randomly pick a design for you.