Easter is coming! Get this specially designed bandana for your furballs and for a good cause! 30% of the total earnings will be donated to Animal Welfare Group under Project Adopt Live, a campaign initiated by Hope for Anials, supported by Bark A Tree!



- 100% cotton

- Reversible

- Option of Slip on and Tie on


Size Guide

Slip on

Small: 7" length, 4" height (suitable for neck size 18cm to 30cm)

Medium: 8" length, 5" height (suitable for neck 25cm to 35cm)

Large: 9" length, 6.5" height (suitable for neck 33cm to 46cm)


Tie on

Small: 15" length, 7.8"cm height (suitable for neck size up to 20cm)

Medium: 20" length, 9.25" height (suitable for neck up to 30cm)

Large: 23" length, 11.8" height (suitable for neck up to 45cm)

Easter Bunny Set